A Sound and Vision Experience

REDDER MOON This coming Friday the 13th of this May, we will be performing a special Improvisational set at Agnes Art Space with some of our friends. There will be a lot of cool music with stimulating visuals. FREE to the public, donations are accepted to our Venmo account day of the show. The Premier exhibition of OccuAural, a sound and visual event with performances and video art by a number of local musicians and artists. The exhibition features an evening of sound, music, performance, video installation, and animation all located in the Agnes Arts building’s large interior spaces. This multisensory experience explores the diverse approaches to musical forms and instrumentation that these unique artists from Kansas City have to offer. Curated and organized by artists and colleagues Barry Anderson and Davin Watne. OccuAural puts forth an ocular and aural celebration to collectively conjure the changing seasons and pandemic’s retreat. Agnes Arts is located at 1328 Agnes Ave. KCMO. The event is free and open to all. OccuAural features musical acts with influences as diverse as Electro Pop, Hip-Hop, Latin Funk, Noise, Punk, Krautrock, Darkwave, and Avant Jazz. The included visual artists explore light, video, and experimental animation.  More Info

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